Wish List 2014: Sailing the Peloponnese in Greece

Wish List 2014: Sailing the Peloponnese in Greece

Wish List 2014- Sailing the Peloponnese in Greece_01
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Wish List 2014: Sailing the Peloponnese in Greece


With 2014 almost a week old now, it is only natural that we are starting to plan and plot out our dream destinations and activities for the year. While we probably won’t get to Antarctica again this year (arghh!) and will most certainly not find an anonymous wealthy backer to fund a trip to the World Cup in Brazil, there is still a whole lot of world out there, and tons to look forward to, even if we are only dreaming.

I suppose we should post some sort of a bucket list for the year, but with it always evolving and most of the time not thinking to add something to the list until AFTER we have done it, we’ll just leave it in our minds for now.


Wish List 2014- Sailing the Peloponnese in Greece_01.

There are huge areas of Europe that really deserve to be explored all by themselves and not part of a whirlwind tour. While we will write about them all over the next few months, we are particularly excited about the idea of Sailing the Peloponnese in Greece. There is just something about Greece, that seems to set it apart from a lot of Europe in many peoples minds, for me I think it is all about the history classes I had growing up I was way to in to. (Yes, I was Thor for Halloween in 1993).

The Peloponnese region is far in the South of Greece and hold a lot of historical and cultural significance in Greece. There is nothing better than disappearing into a deeply cultural area of a country, exploring the unknown and finding yourself making new friends, trying new foods and having experiences you didn’t even know you were missing.

So, looking forward to 2014, we might not get to Greece during the first half of the year, but we’ll continue to keep our fingers crossed we end up on a sail boat somewhere before 2015, I can only hope it is somewhere as beautiful as Greece.

Where do you want to go this year? Do you want to play with tigers in Thailand, run a marathon on the Great Wall of China, finally visit Machu Picchu? Let us know in the comments and we hope to see you along the road in 2014!


Wish List 2014- Sailing the Peloponnese in Greece_02

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