Trips 4 Photographers, Why Taking One is Worth it!

Trips 4 Photographers, Why Taking One is Worth it!

trips 4 photographers interview lat 34
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Trips 4 Photographers, Why Taking One is Worth it!

Since Marina and I are both professional visual journalists, we are always keen to find new ways fellow travel photographers can come together, make pictures and see the world. And while many travel photographers are full time freelancers bouncing around the globe, many professional amateurs really love going on photo adventures with fellow enthusiasts and they can be a wonderful way to form community, see the world, gain confidence and most importantly take better photographs! “Our trips aren’t only for students, and amateurs, but true professionals as well”, says Meir Jacob, the founder of Trips 4 Photographers.

We recently caught up with Meir to pick his brain about the importance and power of group outings and how they can help photographers on every level. Here is our short interview with Meir, his passion and dedication to photography and culture is immediately apparent!

trips 4 photographers interview

Latitude 34: What do you think the most important lesson for young photographers to learn while traveling is?

Meir Jacob: I was born in Romania and read stuff until age of 7, then immigrated to Israel… after 40 years was invited back to the Romania where I was born to practice as consultant, and then I discovered for the first time ,in the deepest way the meaning of ‘culture’, difference of cultures, values… Coming from ‘two places at one time’ helped me to grasp the deep difference between our cultures and the different cultures they share among themselves. This is one of the most inspiring experiences I had, and this is one of the most important things I would love younger people to gain from these workshops “to recognize culture” to understand how different could people coming from different places see things yet never being wrong about what they perceive. Imagine coming from a chaotic country, built on entrepreneurship to a country trained for decades to obey… The point was not who or what is better, but rather to understand how deep culture sits and to what extent it influences our beliefs system and in fact our life and fate.

LAT34: Where was the first place you photographed while traveling and fell in love with?

MJ: I loved photographing Turkey – one of the most fascinating countries. Practicing as a consultant for a huge beverage firm in Romania, and since I was working with sales, I had the opportunity to visit more than 80% of what the local people get to see during their life – I love shooting Romania, excellent place for anything ‘forgotten in time’ – beautiful landscape – people of the friendliest kind… I was born there so… there must be some Slibovitz in my blood (that’s the stiff plums local drink)

trips 4 photographers interview

LAT34: What made you decide to start photography tours? Was it you love of travel or photography?

MJ: I’m not sure what came first, my love to travel (I have practiced as Tour Leader and guide for one of our biggest firms here during the 90’s) and I traveled lots as TL and with my wife…. or my love for Photography. I guess it comes from a third place – from my love for project management and from my love for the experience of mentoring. I LOVE seeing people around me explore, discover, get insights… If I can facilitate any of that I’m happy. In a way I call it my new form of art… Creating a meaningful experience for people with cameras.

LAT34: What is one country you have yet to visit that you must photograph?

MJ: Regretfully, I can’t count one country only. I would love to go back to Romania, Turkey (and I will), I started a collaboration with some people in Andalucia Spain, I want to explore the Hardcore Flamenco country – going all the way to those little villages where Flamenco runs with mothers’ milk. Bhutan is just behind the corner (have a trip planned for March 2014..) So there’s plenty to look forward to.

LAT34: What is your favorite travel image you have shot and what does it mean to you?

MJ: I’m not sure I can mention ONE travel image, there are quite a few. There are various ways I can find an image gratifying: The unique composition, light I managed to capture… a magical moment with a ‘model’ I met in the market place… There is always the dilemma – the absolute photographic quality of a photo versus the sentiments invested in it… it’s never easy to please the ‘internal client’, the ‘internal curator’.

Meir and Trips 4 Photographers currently offers wonderful photo trips through such amazing places as Bhutan, Istanbul, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia Herzegovina and Iceland. In addition to their planned trips for professional and semi professional photographers, they are shortly announcing trips just for students with special mentors, collaborations and lectures to maximize the potential learning experiences for all.

trips 4 photographers interview

Their flagship tour takes place every winter in Istanbul and sounds incredible! Read their description and 6 reasons why it will be the trip of a lifetime!

Istanbul is beautiful all the year around. This year we decided to offer a series of workshops, each dedicated to a season. 
The first one is Winter Workshop for Photographs. A unique opportunity to capture a dreamy snowy Istanbul!
Unveiling the secrets of Istanbul – Cultures, People, Places…
A Byzantine Capital for a whole millennium, an Ottoman Capital for almost 600 years, a bridge between East and West, the only city built on two continents – all of that and more in a tour designed by and for Photographers. 
A 5 days trip to one of the most fascinating cities on this planet.
Here are 6 reasons why this is going to be a wonderful experience and a Photographer’s must:
1. Intimacy – the group is limited to maximum 16 Photographers (minimum 8), which will allow us a real workshop atmosphere.
2. Careful design and planning of the itinerary, down to the minutest detail from a photographer’s angle: Themes X Venues X Timing X Light X Logistics
3. Emphasis on practicing and improving progressive Photography techniques: 
– HDR mini-workshops 
– Long exposure, Night shots
– Silhouettes
4. The added value of Mindful photography:
– Introduction to Visual Anthropology – exploring a culture through our camera lens
– Introduction to Muslim Art, identifying the aesthetic values, elements and motifs
5. Impeccable logistics: An excellent local support team. Any problem thought off – solved ahead: Camera passes, Professional guides, Transportation… 
6. Last but by all means not least: The love we have for the place, it’s attractions and stories that was invested in the planning of this workshop. This is a love we are convinced will be shared by anyone to take part in this workshop.

trips 4 photographers interview

We were thrilled to speak with Meir and sincerely hope we can join an expedition with Trips 4 Photographers in the near future! Special thanks to Meir for introducing us to his passion and the wonderful experiences he helps to offer. Check out the official Trips 4 Photographers Website, and follow them at on their Trips4Photographers Facebook Page as well as on twitter @trips4photo 

Keep up to date with them , like them, follow them and look out for new and exciting trip announcements coming soon!


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