Travel Tip #7 – Learn The Local Customs

Travel Tip #7 – Learn The Local Customs

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Travel Tip #7 – Learn The Local Customs

There is nothing like being in a new place, a new country, a new culture. And there is also nothing quite like that awkward moment when you do something you immediately regret out of a lack of knowledge about the people and place you are visiting. Mostly common sense, take the time before you leave or when you arrive to speak to locals, research online and make certain you know of local customs you might want to think about while going about your day in a new place. Whether it is a hand gesture taken the wrong way, a work you think means one thing, or not taking your shoes off when you are supposed to, learning about the local customs is a simple, worthwhile and respectful thing to do before you depart on any trip. Bon Voyage!

5 Interesting Customs from Around the World:

1 – Never give flowers to someone in China:  Flowers are considered morbid and a sign of death in Chinese culture, and giving them to a family member of business associate can mean back luck and wishes of death.

2 – Never use the salt in Egypt: Using the saltshaker in Egypt is considered incredibly offensive as it is a sign your food was cooked so poorly it is inedible without adding salt.

3 – Never point your feet at people in Thailand: The feet are the lowest, most foul part of the body in Buddhist culture and if you are sitting down pointing your feet at someone it is considered extremely rude and offensive.

4 – Don’t show up on time in Venezuela: If you are invited to dinner by a friend in Venezuela, always make sure to come 15-20 minutes after you were told to show up. Being right on time shows overeagerness and selfishness, and comes off as rude.

5 – Only eat with your right hand in India – The left hand is considered disgusting and used for dirty things (bathroom related) in India, and with many Indians eating all their meals with their hands, it is considered very rude to eat using your left hand.


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