Travel Tip #32 – Always Wear Sunscreen

Travel Tip #32 – Always Wear Sunscreen

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travel tip lat 34 always wear sunscreen

Travel Tip #32 – Always Wear Sunscreen


Easily one of the most popular travel tips, sunscreen is essential to many whether traveling in the sun or snow. A trip can really take a turn towards uncomfortable with just a little too much time in the sun without protection and a bright red sunburned face is no fun to have while on vacation.

There is no worse feeling than laying on a beautiful beach or spending a long day on the slopes just knowing you are getting completely burned and not being able to do anything about it. Take it from us, living in Thailand, we have had more than a couple nights we have been purple from just a couple hours in the sun and are left in complete pain for nights with burnt skin!

In many countries, especially very touristy areas, sunscreen can be very expensive, sometimes up to $15US for a small bottle that would only cost $3 at home in the states. So make sure to throw an extra bottle in your bag and bring it with you, no harm in being prepared.


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