The Lazy Travelers, They’re On To Something

The Lazy Travelers, They’re On To Something

the lazy travelers they're on to something
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The Lazy Travelers, They’re On To Something

We were happy to catch up with Ashley & Carolyn recently, aka the “Lazy Travelers”. We threw some interesting and odd questions at them to see how they would respond and we loved they’re responses! So sit back, take a read, and find out why sometimes being lazy while traveling is just the best darn way to get to know a new country.

1 – Lazy Travelers huh? Where is the laziest day you have ever spent on your travels and what made it so perfect?
We’re both all about exploring a new city in the laziest way possible—strolling at a relaxed pace, stopping anywhere that looks appealing for a drink or a bite, and just generally absorbing our surroundings.

Most recently, we met up in Budapest after not seeing each other for four months. We were both exhausted after long travel days, but we ditched our significant others for a night of best friend catch-up (read: gossiping and drinking too much wine) at The Bar at Four Season Gresham Palace. We enjoyed the views of the Danube, did a full wine tasting, sampled some of the most delicious foie gras and schnitzel… and didn’t realize until the next day that on our first day in Budapest, we never actually left the hotel.

2 – What is one questionable decision you made while traveling and would you do it differently if you had the chance? 
On the same trip, we spent a week in Vienna. We had heard that the Kahlenberg region is a must-visit for winelovers, so on one particularly cold and rainy day, we dragged the boys out to experience the local heurigers (or wine taverns).

We had had more wine than four people should really consume over the course of one day—perhaps even one year. Needless to say, we were feeling it by the time we headed home. We got split up at the train station (because one drunky maybe jumped on a random train and the hubs had to chase after her? Details aren’t important…), and the four of us—without functioning cell phones and a clear idea of where we lived, exactly—had to find our way home in two separate groups. Luckily, and thanks to the help of some very friendly locals, we all made it back in one piece, but if we could go back in time, we probably would have been more responsible drinkers.

And thus is the story of our lives.

the lazy travelers, they're on to something

3 – If you could only travel on one continent for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
Europe, Europe, EUROPE!

(Full disclosure: we say this without having visited South America, Africa, or Antarctica… though we would love to know if anyone has ever answered Antarctica for this question).

4 – Whats your best bit of advice for people wanting to get off the beaten path when they travel? 
If the touristy “must-sees” don’t sound appealing to you, then skip them! People LOVE to tell you that you haven’t really seen Paris without visiting Mona Lisa or Rome without exploring the Vatican… it’s all a lie! If you cut out the stuff that’s unimportant to you, it gives you more time to focus on finding the things you know you’ll love.

For us, that happens to mean extra time dedicated to eating food and imbibing the local drink of choice. Our favorite days are the ones spent eating local fare, chatting up the staff and our fellow bar or restaurant patrons… even if it does end with getting lost in Vienna in the middle of the night.

5 – As one of the world’s most popular foods, where is the best pizza you’ve ever eaten outside of Italy? 
Psh, how is this EVEN a question? We’re New Yorkers, so I think you can guess our answer.
Take that, Chicago.
6 – If you were never able to travel again, what one place would you always regret you never visited?
Oh man, what a sad question. We’re dying to do an African safari and have it in our plans for 2014, so missing that would be a pretty huge bummer.
What great answers! It’s so refreshing to hear from fellow travelers who speak honestly and openly instead of sounding like a Frommer’s guide. Follow them on Twitter @lazytravelers  on their Facebook as well as their Website.
Cheers guys!


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