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Flying a Seaplane in the Maldives

Flying a Seaplane in the Maldives (VIDEO)


The Maldives are some of the most beautiful and remote islands in the world, but if you are lucky enough to visit, you will most likely have to take a seaplane to your island hotel once you land at the Male International Airport. As the Maldives are comprised of nearly 1,200 islands and spread out over a vast distance, only a few resorts are close enough to Male to have speed boats which can bring guests to and from the airport. For all the rest there is Trans Maldivian Airways, the largest fleet of seaplanes in the world who fly over 400 flights per day around the Maldives picking up and dropping off guests at the various luxury private islands resorts the Maldives are famous for.

Landing in Male you will immediately see the TMA counter and shuttles which carry passengers and their luggage to the other side of the island, a short 5 minute drive, to the TMA “airport”, a small dock with prepped with planes to take you on to your final destination. TMA has an amazingly comfortable terminal with special VIP lounges for almost all of the different luxury resorts guests. Most flights are between 20-45 minutes, and depending on your final stop, you can get off the plane in Male and be at the door of your hotel in only an hour or so.

In addition to transporting passengers around the islands, Trans Maldivian Airways also offers scenic tours around the islands. We jumped aboard one of the their flights and tagged along with them as they dropped off and picked up guests at a couple islands and what an amazing journey it was!

Once you get up high you really see how vast the nothingness is surrounding the Maldives and out of the deep blue sea can pop up the most tropical island you have ever seen with the whitest sandy beaches and turquoise waters. A trip to the Maldives might seem like a total fantasy but with a little planning and help from Trans Maldivian Airways you can have those dreams come true and be sitting on the beach, sipping a cocktail in no time at all.




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