VIDEO: Swimming Phuket’s Largest Waterfall

VIDEO: Swimming Phuket’s Largest Waterfall

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Swimming Phuket’s Largest Waterfall

The northern part of Phuket is often overlooked as the much more quiet and laid back area of Phuket, compared to the madness and tourist fueled beaches of Patong, Karon and the rest. If you have the time to explore Phuket more in depth and would like to get away from the popular areas, take a journey up to the Paklock area of northern Phuket and spend the day hiking to and swimming in Phuket’s largest waterfall.

The Bangpae waterfall is located in a national park, which is also home to the Gibbon Rehabilitation Center, also well worth the visit. it will cost you 200B to get into the park, which includes free parking and entrance to the Gibbon Center as well. The waterfall is only a short 10 minute hike up a fairly easy trail. Watch out for slippery rocks and streams that flow across the trail though. We were hiking up to the falls in flip-flops and slipped a couple times.

Thai families and groups of friends love to visit the falls and have picnics along the banks of the small stream up and down the trial. Once you get to the falls throw your bags down, take your clothes off and jump in! The water is incredibly cool and refreshing and the powerful mist and roar from the waterfall is exciting and thrilling to me in the midst of. If you are adventurous, climb the slippery rocks up the left side of the fall, grab on to the attached rope and jump down into the base of the falls!

So bring a snack, plenty of bug spray, a change of clothes and you won’t be disappointed. One of the more fun activities we have done in Phuket and a fun way to get away from the more touristy scenes if you get the chance.


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