Travel Book Review: “I Guess We Missed The Boat”

Travel Book Review: “I Guess We Missed The Boat”

Travel Book Review:
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Travel Book Review: “I Guess We Missed The Boat” . I Guess We Missed The Boat is fun for people of all ages as eight retired seniors, related by marriage, visit various locales around the globe, often with hilarious results. Some of the adventures include topless beaches, sketchy starfish, psychological bar fights and an encounter with ancient Romans.   The book has been described by readers as “exhilarating”, “a joy to read” and a “side splitter.” But perhaps the best comes from one reader who describes the sense of warmth he got from listening to his parents and their friends reminisce about their various adventures. He says that I Guess We Missed The Boat gave him that “same feeling of fun, mixed with awe, with a drop of incredulity thrown into the pot.” Whether you are planning to travel or just want to be reminded of some of your own travel escapades, this book is for you. Get I Guess We Missed The Boat at the following sites: : $15 .   Travel Book Review: "I Guess We Missed The Boat"READER REVIEWS FOR I GUESS WE MISSED THE BOAT: . “Barry Finlay has made the transition from mountain climbing (Kilimanjaro and Beyond) to hilarity in this new book (I Guess We Missed the Boat). His descriptions of the trials of international travelling, though not funny at the time, are “laugh out loud” hilarious. The stories of his travels with his congenial in-laws and friends are told in a manner that makes you feel that you, too, were involved in the event. Not only are these people seeing the world, they are having fun doing it.” – Elizabeth via General Store Publishing House site. “Finally we are enjoying a focus on the `older generation’, loosely defined as retirees who are well enough to retain the sparkle of adventure as is evident in such successful films as `The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel‘, `The Bucket List’, `Quartet’, `The Artist’ and others. Well here is a book about retirees who love to travel, understand the restrictions, forego the amenities at times, cope with the inconveniences, and all the while have a laughingly great time, free of the ties of family that being younger usually means. This is an exhilarating read.” – Grady  (Amazon) Travel Book Review: "I Guess We Missed The Boat" “Finlay’s tone throughout the book exactly captures the lighter side of traveling overseas. … With tales of topless beaches, randy animals, sexy lingerie, and rowdy bar brawls, you’ll want to either take cover and stay at home, or want to wish you were out there in all the fun. From the comfort and safety of my own arm-chair, I found this to be a joy of a read.” John Phiser (Amazon) “Mr Finlay definitely understands and captures the best and worst of travelling abroad. He truly captures the exotic and crazy of what can be encountered when away from home. I would recommend that anyone wanting a good laugh read this book.” – Jan Heart (Amazon)     .


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