Phuket Live Music – Moody Paul

Phuket Live Music – Moody Paul

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Phuket Live Music – Moody Paul

If you ever find yourself in Phuket you will no doubt find your way over to Patong for a night as well. And while Patong has its always exciting nightlife fueled by cheap beer and the exciting cabaret shows, drunk tourists and fantastic street food, take the time to head on over to Finnegans Wake and cross your fingers that Moody Paul and his little brother Bobby Blues are playing that night.

_MG_2489I have attended many a cover band concert in Phuket and while most are an almost laughable pseudo cover of a song you think you may know, Moody belts out classic rock from Hendrix, The Doors, Pink Floyd, etc and if you close your eyes you’d swear you were hearing them all in person.

Our friend Steve, who owns and operates the Road House in Karon Beach, even jumped on stage for a couple songs. Watching them all play together you can’t help but realize that music, no matter the genre, instrument or location, has a hugely positive affect on those playing as well as those listening to it. Having only been in Phuket a couple weeks now, its amazing the sense of purpose, hope and comfort a familiar song can bring, even played by the hands and sung by the mouths of total strangers.


_MG_2477I have never seen a musician play others music with the precision, expertise and heart that Moody does, it’s truly a treat. Egg him on and he’ll play all night as well as reward you with a couple of his own songs, which are quite amazing as well.

Take time to talk to him and the band, nicest guys you will ever meet.

I was only shooting stills the night I happened upon Moody, so take a few minutes and watch this video by HDFreakdotse



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