Photo Tour through Paris with Divergent Travelers!

Photo Tour through Paris with Divergent Travelers!

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Photo Tour through Paris with Divergent Travelers!

When you are asked to think of a magical city, what is the first city that comes to mind for you? For me, it’s Paris. The city is beautiful and full of iconic landmarks that will leave you breathless. You can easily spend a couple weeks here just wandering the streets and taking it all in. I was lucky to visit Paris last Fall as the brisk winter air turned the leaves and created a fulfilled Fall atmosphere. The following photo essay will take you on a walk through Paris and give you a sneak peek into what this iconic city can offer you on your next visit to Paris.

Paris Sign

** Where shall we wander to first? **

Pont Neuf Bridge over the Seine

** Stroll on the Pont Neuf Bridge- the oldest bridge in Paris to cross the River Seine. **

Place Saint-Michel

** Place Saint-Michel is a popular square in the Latin Quarter near the River Seine. **

Lock Bridge- Paris

** Visit the Lock Bridge which displays thousands of locks placed by lovers over the years. **

Mona Lisa Admirers- Louvre, Paris

** Join the masses and admire the Mona Lisa in the Louvre Museum. **

Notre Dame Cathedral

** Pay a visit to the gargoyles at the Notre Dame Cathedral. **

Concorde Place, Paris

** Take the bus to Place de la Concorde. The site of the execution of Marie Antoinette. **

Paris Fountains

** Admire the faces of the fountains while you make your way around Paris. **

Paris Artisans

** Mingle with the Artisans that setup shop on the Left Bank. **

Louvre Museum

** Visit the courtyard of the Louvre Museum and photograph the infamous glass pyramid. **

Beautiful decor

** Admire the timeless furniture at street side shops in the Latin Quarter. **

Arc de Triomphe

** Get up close and personal with the Arc de Triomphe. **

Moulin Rouge, Paris

** Hop the subway to the Montmartre District and the Moulin Rouge. **

Sacre Couer

** Hike up the hill to see the Sacre Couer and then admire the view of Paris from above. **

Wine in Paris

** Pause for a moment at a café and enjoy some wine. **

Eiffel Tower at night

** After paying a visit during the day, visit the Eiffel Tower at night for a treat. **

This is a small, small sampling of the wonders that this city can offer you on your next visit. Plan for an absolute minimum of 4 days and let yourself get lost in the beauty that Paris has to offer you.

Lina from Divergent Travelers has been traveling for 12+ years, solo and together with her partner David, while working a full time job! Between the two of them, they have already visited 31 countries and are hoping that their stories will not only inspire those of you that are thinking about the jump, but also become a place you can visit for support and information in planning and realizing your dreams! You can follow their adventures on their blog Divergent Travelers, Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks so much to Lina and David for sending us this amazing photo tour of Paris! Check them out and follow their travels on Facebook and Twitter and stay tuned for more Traveler Check-ins coming up next week!


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