Local Review: Surf House Phuket

Local Review: Surf House Phuket

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Local Review: Surf House Phuket

Towards the south end of Phuket there are many nice and relaxed beaches a bit less crowded than their bid sisters towards party central Patong. While there are still many tourists in Kata Beach it has a nice and laid back feel, and stopping by the Surf House is sure to help you relax and put a smile on your face.


Part bar, part restaurant and mostly an artificial surf spot, this laid back beach bar has it all. Adventurous tourists can try their hand at surfing in their artificial wave pool (ironically enough the gorgeous Kata Beach is literally across the street), or guests can grab a table, have a bite to eat or a cool drink and people watch those trying to be the next surfing superstar.

A one hour pass to the surf pool will set you back 800B, with a 200B first time charge. After that its 800B and hour, 2,000B for 3 hours or 6,500B for the entire day. The have an excellent staff of surf instructors who will teach you all you need to know and lead by example. We have seen then showing first time 50 year old retirees as well as helping young children ride their first boogie board.

The restaurant has surprisingly cheap and delicious food. With almost all menu items falling under 200B, the Chef’s Meat Plater and Double Royal with Cheese are our favorites. They also offer snacks, wraps, pizza etc.

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The bar is well stocked and often has daily specials, such as a Sangsom bucket for 400B (includes small bottle of Sangsom, bucket of ice and mixers.) A Chang Tower (3 liter) is 500B. Girls surf for free from 9-11pm Friday evenings and cocktails are 2 for 1.Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 1.08.14 PM

Free wifi internet is provided as well and is quite zippy. There is also an upstairs lounge area with more comfortable lounge chairs and couches than the wooden ones downstairs but we would wait until later afternoon to venture upstairs is it gets hot very quickly up there. Make sure to stop by on a Friday evening as they tend to have more professional surfers shredding some waves and have excellent drink and happy hour specials.

TIP: Girls surf for free from 9-11pm Friday evenings and cocktails are 2 for 1.

All in all we love the Surf House and often find ourselves spending a relaxed afternoon watching the surfers, listening to the excellent selection of upbeat music by their in house DJ, and generally kicking back and relaxing. Read more on their website at http://www.surfhousephuket.com and we’ll see you out there!



  1. We keep telling ourselves we are going to try it one of these days! It’s so funny that the beautiful ocean is directly across the street and yet Surfhouse is still always busy, but hey, must be easier to try in a controlled environment first! We will definitely add a blog post when we attempt it our first time!

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