VIDEO: Dengue Fever – Symptoms, Treatments, and Information

VIDEO: Dengue Fever – Symptoms, Treatments, and Information

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Dengue Fever Video – Symptoms, Treatments, and Information

When I was a kid, say eleven or twelve, if you told me that as the clock struck midnight on my 29th I would be whizzing down a dark road in the back of a Tuk Tuk on the way to the Emergency room in Phuket, Thailand with a bad case of Dengue fever, I would not have known what to say. First of all, I’ll never be 29, thats so old! But most importantly, what’s Dengue fever?

Over the course of my unfortunate experience we recorded each step of the way to give more information to others who end up facing the same set of circumstances and hopefully help point them in the right direction. Many people get a fever, the flu, chills and generally feel crummy for a day or two while traveling to exotic places, but sometimes it can be something pretty serious if left untreated.

Dengue fever is a mosquito born disease which is the result of a mosquito bite. Symptoms might not show up for 3 to 10 days after getting bit so you can never be too careful with the use of a good bug spray and a long sleeve shirt. If you have flu like symptoms and break out in an itchy red rash from head to toe, we would advise jumping in the nearest taxi and heading to the closest hospital. Dengue fever only kills 1% of the people it infects, but it can be very severe, resulting in the coughing up of blood and severe dehydration.

Make sure to know where your closest emergency room is, pray they speak your language, and know it’s never to early to get a doctor’s opinion. Many companies offer travel insurance, or if you are traveling for longer periods of time check out companies like BUPA or Cigna for overall international health insurance.

So have fun, go explore, know your surroundings, and make sure to cover up after dusk, you never can be too careful out there!



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