Eating Bugs

Eating Bugs

eating bugs in thailand
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Eating Bugs

Food. It’s one thing we all need no matter what form it comes in. What is taboo in one culture might be the norm in another, and while here in Thailand eating bugs for breakfast, lunch and dinner isn’t commonplace, they are served quite a lot of places and can be found without much trouble.

Being the adventurous, sometimes to a default, person that I am, from the second I saw the cart full of bugs at our local market I knew it was only a matter of time before I would treat myself to a handful of them.

For 100B, roughly $3, I was given a small portion of three different insects. Small fat larva filled with… their insides, skinny little crispy maggots and some quite large grasshoppers, eyes bulging out. All were thrown together, covered in some spices and deep fried for a couple seconds, then thrown in a small plastic bag for my enjoyment, no different than ordering a corn dog at your local state fair right?

I’ll admit I was a bit intimidated at first. I mean its not the taste that gets you, they really just taste like anything else you have ever had fried, especially that last little burnt french fry. The difference is these guys have eyes, legs, wings and guts. Its simply mind over matter, but it is still quite a leap. I accidentally poked the little wooden stick to eat them with through the bottom of the plastic bag and scared myself to death thinking for a second one was alive and trying to escape… mind games.

_MG_2400The scorpion in Bangkok was especially fun. Not covered in any spices and alone on a stick there was no mistaking it. I started with the end of the tail and worked my way up, chewing off the crunchy legs as I went. All in all it was actually pretty tasty and heaps more enjoyable than the maggots and grasshoppers.

When in Rome right? And don’t for a second think this was more gross or dirty than that Big Mac you ate last week.

People have eaten bugs for 1,000’s of years, I think I’ll survive.

– Jeff


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