Capture the Color 2013!

Capture the Color 2013!

capture the color red latitude 34
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Capture the Color 2013!

We were happy to receive a nomination from our pals over at Divergent Travelers this week for the 2013 Capture the Color travel blogger photographer contest held by Travel Supermarket. We only found out a couple days before the deadline so we hurried up and put together some of our favorite pictures from our journeys. The rules are simple – submit five images, one of each color, red, yellow, blue, green and white. We love being able to share our images and are really excited to see all the pictures submitted from travel bloggers everywhere! The deadline is 12 midnight EST, October 9th so hurry up and submit if you would like. You do not have to be nominated to submit. Cheers!

capture the color blue latitude 34
Blue – Santiago, Chile
capture the color yellow latitude 34
Yellow – Chennai, India
capture the color white latitude 34
White – Los Angeles, CA
capture the color green latitude 34
Green – Patagonia, Chile


As part of the nomination, we have also been asked to nominate 5 other travel bloggers. We know there isn’t much time but we hope these guys can get some pictures in before the deadline!

Mapping Megan

Laura the Explorer

Wandering On

Our Favorite Adventure

Santa Fe Travelers



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