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Home Sweet Home
363/6 Patak Road Karon, Phuket is now the place that we call home. It took quite a while to find the right place. We looked at condos, houses, went around with real estate agents and on our own but the second we walked into this place we knew it was home.
Lilian and Michael, our landlords, are great. They’re a couple from Australia and moved here a long time ago. After the tsunami, Lilian opened a dog rescue to save all the stray dogs and help find them homes. Michael has been a huge help in getting us set up. He took us around to pay our cable and internet for the year and helped us rent a motorbike. The motorbike has been difficult for me to get used to. It’s pretty scary ridding around so out in the open, but it would be impossible and expensive to have a car. Luckily, Jeff loves to drive the bike so I just hold on tight and close my eyes when I get scared.
It’s so nice to settle down and unpack our suitcases, not to mention the absurd amount of closet space is so nice! We’ve figured out where to shop for household things and grocery shop. You can find anything we’d have back home at the grocery store and we found a great local market for produce that is just down the street.
After fighting with AT&T to break our contracts and unlock our phones we finally have our iPhones working with Thai sim cards. We transfered our US numbers to Vonage so we have them set up as landlines in our house which means we can call the US or get calls from the US without paying international rates. (Thank you Vonage!) Not to mention that we’ll have our same phone numbers when we come home for Christmas.
I absolutely love Thailand! It’s such an amazing place filled with amazing people. I’m so lucky to be here with the man I love.