Travel Tip #11 – Learn to say “No Thank You”

Travel Tip #11 – Learn to say “No Thank You”

Travel Tip #11 - Learn to say
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Travel Tip #11 – Learn To Say No Thank You


The travel tip of the day is the importance of learning to say “no thank you” in other languages. Before traveling, many people take the time to learn how to say simple phrases like “please” and “thank you”, and while those phrases often come in handy, few are more useful than learning to say “no thank you”. This allows you to be polite, communicate with the local people and get your point across without frustration. Imagine the ease at which you can now walk through an Asian market, packed full of merchants hawking their wears, as you casually say no thank you in their language. It’s amazing how quickly they will leave you alone and let out a small smile that you have taken the time to learn a few words of their language.


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