Latitude 34 Year End Wrap Up 2013

Latitude 34 Year End Wrap Up 2013

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Latitude 34 Year End Wrap Up 2013


One year can have a major impact on your life. In just 365 days you can alter your entire lifestyle for better or for worse. Since 2014 is just around the corner we thought we would recap Latitude 34’s highlights from 2013.

This year has certainly changed our lives, and for the better! In January, Jeff and I finally had the courage to tell our parents, families and friends that we were moving abroad to Thailand. Since we made our decision our lives have been filled with wild adventure, unique experiences, new friends and fond memories.

We loved celebrating Thai New Year in April, visiting the Phi Phi islands, playing with Tigers, witnessing the Phuket Vegetarian Festival and I even tried eating insects! So enjoy our Latitude 34 year end wrap up of 2013 and see a bit of what we got ourselves into this year.

Easily our most exciting year yet, we are thrilled to be starting off 2014 with a bang as we head to Ireland in just a couple weeks for what we hope shapes up to be an even more exciting year than 2013 – with just as many laughs, friends and memories.

Cheers and hope to see you all along the road in the upcoming year!

xoxo Marina


Latitude 34 Year End Wrap Up 2013


Marina Dominguez Latitude 34Marina Dominguez is the co-founder of Latitude 34 Travel Blog as well as a photographer and documentary film maker.

As a maturing women, Marina has dedicated her life to travel and new experiences. After working a 9-5 cubical lifestyle, Marina sold everything she owned, left her job and begun a new life with her boyfriend and travel companion, Jeff Johns. Together they relocated to Phuket, Thailand and founded Latitude 34 in which they seek to share their alternative lifestyle with the world. 

Marina is a Visual Journalism graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography where she studied photography, videography and ultimately caught the travel bug. Through creating several international documentaries, Marina realized there was more to the world than work and wanted something more. 


  1. Love the infographic! Such a cool way to do a yearly roundup… Hmm… Might “borrow” the idea at some point in the future :) Seems like a fantastic year (OK, minus the dengue fever), so here’s hoping 2014 is even more amazingly fun! Good luck, folks!
    Lunaguava recently posted…13 Uninspirational Travel QuotesMy Profile

    • Thanks guys! Borrow away! Yes it was a fantastic year, dengue and all! Have a great New Years and cheers to a happy 2014!

  2. Beautiful post, guys. I really like how you’ve represented your year visually. Well designed. And what a year it was! Congrats and Happy New Year!!!

    (also, ps, totally failed to comment the first time around because apparently I don’t know what 7*7 is…this is why I write…)
    Syd recently posted…13 Things from 2013My Profile

    • Haha, we had a blast in ’13 and hope to as well in ’14! The piercing is quite something and while we aren’t quite sure how it came about from a vegetarian festival, it is quite spectacular to witness. Cheers and happy 2014!

    • Thanks guys! No idea how we’ll top 2013 but we will certainly try, only got one life to live! Happy 2014!

  3. What a great year! Asia is next on our bucket list….we can’t wait for Thailand and India! I as well got dengue fever this year, I actually came down with it on New Years Day, I ended up in the hospital and recovered after 3 or so weeks. Dengue was the only down side that we had to this year! Can’t wait to hear about your upcoming travels!
    Kim recently posted…13 of 13My Profile

    • Thanks for the comment! We had a blast in ’13 and hope to only build upon it in ’14. Cheers and happy travels!

  4. I just want to reiterate all the above comments that this infographic is a great idea to display your review of 2013! I have done a post before and just ‘summarized’ our travels but this really takes it to the next level and we may just look into using this same idea to do something similar for ours.

    I just read your post on your expected 2014 travels and it looks like you have a fun-filled 12 months ahead that potentially may top what you have done over the previous year. You guys are awesome and we are really envious of everything you do!!

    Keep up the great work and Happy New Year!!
    A Brit and A Southerner recently posted…Interview – Jessica (A Passion and A Passport)My Profile

    • Thanks guys! We are really excited for 2014 and can’t wait to see what we get into, should be interesting to say the least! Hope we can cross paths at some point with you guys in the new year. Cheers and safe travels you two!

    • Thanks Lina! We did have a blast in 2013 and hope to only build on that in 2014. So excited to follow along with you guys this year on your awesome adventure and cross paths when we can. Can’t wait!

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